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Timber & Resin Workshops

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See below for a series of helpful videos

Handy Tips:

  1. Luci Clear – Set Up HT001
  2. Luci Clear – What’s in the box. HT002
  3. Luci Clear – Which Resin For My Project. HT003
  4. Luci Clear – Casting Resin: Mix and Pour. HT004
  5. Luci Clear – De-moulding Project. HT005
  6. Luci Clear – Finish Coat Part 1: Prep HT006
  7. Luci Clear – Finish Coat Part 2: Mix and Pour HT007
  8. Luci Clear – Finish Coat Part 3: Run Resin Over Edge HT008
  9. Luci Clear – Finish Coat Part 4: Removing Tape HT009
  10. Luci Clear – Casting Mould Prep. HT010
  11. Luci Clear – What Can I use to Colour Resin. HT011
  12. Luci Clear – Adding Colour to Resin. HT012

Some of our stocked brands

  Haymes paints  Colourtrend   Luxury Paints taubmans